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A Different Family of Tobacco Products for Value-Minded Smokers who Don't Want to Settle.
It’s in the Bag!!

Our quality products and the blends designed to satisfy picky smokers were hand-blended for years at our own retail stores until they were "just right".

We launched 8 oz Smokin’ G Blends just over four years ago and thanks to our Loyal Customers and the BUZZ they create arround Smokin' G, availability has jumped to include over two thirds of the states in the USA.

A Few Words from our Smokers:

“Amazing product... Best tobacco on the market.”

“Found my perfect match. Bought 6 bags when I found out about this tobacco...
I would suggest Smokin' G to anyone....and there's a tobacco for every different kind of person.”
“Great Product. Like others, I have tried many different tobaccos. Nothing even comes close. I have now converted 3 other people who are now using Smokin’ G.”

“Thanks for the great products you make... [Smokin’ G] is way better then Golden Harvest, 4 Aces, etc. You’re at the top of my list. Thanks again for helping us get quality products at a great price. You got my business... Thanks,  Paul  M.”

“Love it! Tastes and smokes just like my former favorite brand. [Turkish Mellow Blend] is my new favorite.”  --Jeff

“Excellent!!  I smoked [major name brand] for many years and I tried to find a tobacco that tasted like it... this one won out... In fact I would rather smoke this than the [major name brand]...  I have three in my household that smoke and they all prefer this as I tested them with a blind taste test... this one won out hands down. You can't go wrong with this one folks...”  --Perry

“Great... This is my new favorite blend. I used to smoke [name brand] and this is as close as you can get. Excellent quality... I tried a lot of other blends and these are the best so far.”  --Alex

“Great Tobacco!! I've tried several different brands of tobacco, but none compares with Smokin’ G. In my personal opinion it's the BEST! I highly recommend this tobacco. I haven't tried the other [Smokin’ G] blends, but if my guess is right, they're just as good!!”  --Ray


A Different Family of Tobacco Products for Smokers
who Want to Be Heard.

Tobacco Outlet Express, LLC stays up to date on your behalf against unfair smoking laws and
taxation of your products.

Thank you for visiting and come again soon!

Our products are sold to Adult Smokers by responsible retailers. If you are not 18 years of age, leave these pages now or we will tell your parents.

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